The time rolls around every spring when you just have to get out and ride. This year come early, but are we rushing it.  With the warm wether coming so soon this year there are alot of bikes already on the road. Which I love to see.  

     Being the nature of this website it should not be necessary to give the reminder of being safe on the motorcycles, but I'm going to do it anyway. Just remember every year four wheeled motorist seem to forget that us two wheeled enthusiasts are out on the roads aswell. Just be safe.

      Anyway back to where I was.  It has come to my attention that good ol' mother nature is playing her games again.  Blessing us with a fair amount of unusually warm weather,  and a light winter. Thus making the riding season great already.  Now that we are almost into May there are freeze warnings. Really? Seriously Really?

     I cant seem to get off the bike, rain or shine,  cold or hot, solo or not.  I'm a biker,  I ride alot. In the last three years I average right around 17,000 miles per year. Quite abit compared to most calling themself bikers. Honestly its a lil dissapointing in my eyes, personally I really wish I had a few more clicks on the odometer.   

     Well between my urge to ride and the sudden drop in tempature I have aquired biker fever. No I'm not talking that I must ride all the time, I've had that for a long time.  I'm talking I got a tempature.  It started with the normal spring like cold, then that urge.  I must ride, I pushed it too far, cold weather and lack of gear I could feel myself getting sicker by the mile. Now here I sit sick as a dog on the couch. Too weak to ride,  but it is my own falt. No worries tho I'll be back soon to conquer the elements for I am NO FAIR WEATHER RIDER.

     Did I learn me a lesson from this? Yes I did. Should the bike be put up on fridged days? Absoulty not! Just a lil more gear is all I need. Throw another layer on under the leather, long johns, maybe a sweatshirt. Hell I'm not opposed to strapping the full face helmet on to keep the wind off. Now everyone gear up, get on the bike no matter the weather.  We will see each other on ther road.

     A great man once told me;

  "Harley riders are a dime a dozen. Real bikers are hard to find!!

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Comment by Homegrownbiker on April 22, 2012 at 11:24pm

Nice, I double like and a bucket of chick'n.......


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